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Would anyone be interested in me writing a story without a collage to go with it? I was thinking about expanding on one of my stories on here such as Supergirl Supreme. Let me know what story you'd like to see fleshed out more or continued.
Katie's Here to Stay
Katie Carmona in Rio de Janeiro.

Done as a request. Some collages come together easier than others and luckily this was one of those :D (Big Grin) 

    Katie loved Rio. The sun, the beaches, all the tiny people who loved her. She arrived in her favorite bikini ready to soak up some rays. She towered over the city with her hands on her hips before asking the tinies if they had missed her. She chuckled as she casually sat ON a pier, crushing buildings and people alike as she let her immaculate feet settle in the white sands. The beach goers didn't even flinch as they were crushed out of existence. Those who managed to escape her careless bronze soles couldn't help themselves and flocked to them to fulfill what Katie had made clear was their only purpose in life, to massage and oil her perfect feet.
    A news helicopter flew up to greet the stunning goddess and when it finally reached her eyeline and caught Katie's attention she smiled knowingly. Whenever she arrived on their shore the people were expected to prepare to fulfill her list of demands. If they failed... well nobody liked to talk about what happened to Tokyo.
    "Hello my little ones," Katie said with a toss of her hair. "I'm feeling a bit peckish today."
Going Up
Ana Cheri bursting through a building.

This one was tough. I lost previous versions of it and had to keep going back several steps to get something right. I really wanted to make this as perfect as I could so I hope my efforts show through in this one. :D (Big Grin) 

    Ana had always wanted to be BIG. She wanted to be so huge that she could rule the world with an iron fist and laugh as her tiny subjects fell over themselves in their efforts to appease her every whim. She gazed lovingly at her gorgeous naked body in her antique cheval mirror. As her dainty hands gently caressed her full luscious breasts and lingered on her stiffening nipples she smiled warmly at herself.
    Next she used one manicured finger to bounce against her pouting lips as she grazed her immaculate belly with her other hand until it rested on one of her scandalously flared hips. Should she? Oh, she really had nothing better to do and if there was one thing she loved more than anything else it was herself. So with a trembling touch she felt the folds of her womanhood. Perfection. Beautiful, graceful curtains of soft velvet that hid the source of ambrosia from the world. Resting just above it hooded in equally silky skin her almighty clitoris dared to be touched, to be handled, to be squeezed.
    "Aaah! Oooh," Ana gasped in pleasure as she did just that. Her free hand swept through her chestnut waves of hair in prideful lust. Her tongue snaked out from between two rows of opal teeth to lick her lips in an obscene display of sexual gratification as her dominant hand finally plunged its digits deep into her sex. Her thumb rubbed against her clit with pointed resolve as she moaned and grunted in satisfaction all the while staring deeply into her own eyes.
    "I am a GODDESS!" she cried as she clutched her breasts impulsively and began to bounce them in time with her thrusts. "This world belongs to ME! You're all NOTHING compared to my DIVINE body! WORTHLESS and WEAK little WORMS! I am your QUEEN, your DOMINATING SLUT, all of you are wrapped around my little FINGER! I'm a fucking force of NATURE! Beg, BEG! Beg me to spare your INSIGNIFICANT lives!" Ana was nearing the edge, her pleasure built up faster and faster. She clutched her mirror and licked its surface as she bellowed, "MINE! YOU'RE ALL MINE! Do you hear me? Oh, ah, ah, ah AAAAUUUGGGH!!!!"
    Ana came with the force of a typhoon and even as her fragrant cum splashed against her reflection the mirror began to glow brighter and brighter until it was nothing but a piercing white light. Ana was in a heaven of her own making as her body refused to come down and she only seemed to be climaxing HARDER as time went on. Suddenly, Ana felt the impossible, her head slammed into her ceiling. She opened her eyes long enough to see what was going on as she collapsed to her knees a smirk spreading from ear to ear. Ana was becoming a goddess!
    Soon she filled the whole room with her form as she continued to convulse and buck with pleasure that never ended. Her body grew too heavy for her floor to take and she fell through to the one below her. An unsuspecting family was crushed beneath her massive ass but they would not be the only casualties as a domino effect began and Ana smashed through floor after floor until she finally reached the ground. Several were dead and buried under her glorious bulk of supple, jiggling flesh and still she grew. This time her body swelled up through the floors she had already demolished as she shakily stood to her feet and used her head and shoulders to smash the upper floors of her apartment to bits. Her heaving tonnage of breast flesh mercilessly enveloped and crushed little people like crumbs lost in her cleavage. A college boy who had been busy masturbating got the surprise of his short, pitiful life as he discovered himself magically surrounded by the largest tits on the planet and for a brief moment he was in bliss as the caramel skin seemed to hug him. He came hard against her nipple just before he exploded into gore when it splattered him against his wall.
    Before Ana knew it she had burst through the roof and felt the cool afternoon air as her old apartment collapsed around her. "Oh, YES!" she screamed as she continued to cum and her nectar dripped down her legs and mixed with the rubble. "FINALLY, I can take my RIGHTFUL PLACE as EMPRESS OF THE WORLD, OF THE COSMOS ITSELF!"
    Soon Ana Cheri stood above the world with absolute authority and spoke one single haunting word, "BEG"
Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Mica Martinez and Caty Cole having fun in Chicago. Mica is on the right and Caty is on the left.

Trying out destruction effects. Hope it turned out well and people like it but I definitely need more practice. 

    Mica and Caty had been close friends and fuck buddies ever since their photoshoot for Babestation. So when they were asked to do a special video together in Chicago they both readily agreed. After a long flight and a short ride into the city they made it to the studio. When they stripped down they were told to apply some baby oil to their sexy tanned bodies while the cameras rolled. The girls were already turned on seeing each other nude and their arousal only grew as they applied the slippery substance to each others bodies, pausing only to stare naughtily at the camera.
    Caty massaged and kneaded Mica's breasts as she giggled and smeared oil on Caty's ass before grabbing it and shaking her cheeks in her hands. Mica took a moment to kiss Caty passionately as they both groaned in the throes of mutual passion. The girls continued on like this for another half an hour until an overwhelming sensation rolled across their goosebump covered skin and gave them a warm sensation in their stomach as well as their... pussies. Without any further warning they began to grow with shocking speed. They burst through the studio's roof and steamrolled over people and cars alike.
    "Oh my god, we're so HUGE!" Caty shouted in glee.
    "We... are. You know you're even sexier as a giant," Mica said as her eyelids drooped in arousal. "Let's have some fun in the city!"
    They held each others hands tightly as they walked through the streets of Chicago wrecking buildings and playfully stepping on screaming crowds of insignificant humanity. The puny ants at their immaculate feet beheld the bodies of their goddesses and knew that it was surely right that such powerful and perfect beings should destroy them, rule them, PLAY with them. Mica smashed through several bridges as if they were made of candy wafers while Caty crushed traffic beneath her heels and toes. She could feel her womanhood moisten as she felt each individual pop as her incalculable weight pulped tiny after tiny.
    When they came back together they hugged and Caty threw her head back in ecstasy while Mica admired their handiwork.
    "Mmm, Caty? I'm getting that feeling again."
    "What's that, babe? Oh! I think I feel it too!"
    "Ya know we're about to become GODDESSES, right?"
    "And I couldn't imagine a better partner to rule the world with," Caty said and grinned. Mica smirked back at her lover and knew that this was how things were always supposed to be.
    "We're going to have SO MUCH FUN!" Mica said as the girls grew to mind boggling heights in each others arms.
Lucia's Shower
Lucia Javorcekova getting a bit wet and wild at the International Finance Center in Hong Kong.

Thanks to papayoya for helping me find some pics of the lovely Lucia that were a bit more... risque :D (Big Grin) 

    Lucia loved the rain. She had fond memories of when she was just another worthless ant and would play and dance during April showers. But that was a lifetime ago and she was now a thousand foot goddess having her way with Hong Kong.
    She hadn't planned for any destruction today but as the sky cracked with lightning Lucia sauntered over to the IFC building and kissed the facade as the people inside screamed in terror. Her eyes sparkled as she twisted around and pushed her fearsome bare ass into the tower. She sighed lustily and thrust out her tremendous, weighty tits as her wet hair clung to her silky skin. Lucia became increasingly more aroused as she grazed her flat, taut belly with fingers that she had recently found out could crush a tank when she had rampaged through the UK last week. Her pussy throbbed with lust and it didn't take long until her eyes cast their attention below to the horde of foolish little worms beneath her bare feet. She squished a few beneath her toes as she rubbed at the sopping folds of her womanhood.
    "You disgusting, worthless bugs are going to pleasure your Goddess! That's all you're good for my little mites. My SATISFACTION." The tiny screams were lost in the earth shaking moans of Lucia as she had her way with Hong Kong.
    Two collages in as many days! I was so excited to begin I didn't realize how much it really takes out of you. I think I'll take a break for a sec.

    As anyone can tell I REALLY like Irina Shayk. I just always hated that with a few notable exceptions nobody has really done many good giantess collages of her, especially in the size she deserves to be, mega.

    I'm definitely going to get around to collaging a few more of my favorite women that are sorely lacking being elevated to goddesshood just as soon as I can.

    Time for some well-deserved sleep.


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